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Collaboration is not a 21st Century Skill, it is a 21st Century Essential.

In a recent blog post from the official google blog, Google identified the following as key traits or abilities in 21st Century Employees:
“... communication skills. Marshalling and understanding the available evidence isn't useful unless you can effectively communicate your conclusions.”
“... team players. Virtually every project at Google is run by a small team. People need to work well together and perform up to the team's expectations. ”
If we look at UNESCO's publication “The four pillars of Education, Learning: The Treasure within” Collaboration is a key element of each of the four pillars.

  • Learning to know
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to live together
  • Learning to be

( [10]

So to prepare our students, our teaching should also model collaboration. A vast array of collaborative tools are available; wikis, classroom blogs, collaborative document tools,social networks, learning

management systems - Many are available at no cost. If you have not yet tried them, look at:

  • wikis – wet paint and wiki spaces (or 'Pages' within Canvas)
  • Classroom blogs – edublogs, classroomblogmeister, blogger
  • Collaborative document tools – Google documents, zoho documents, adobe Buzzword
  • Social Networks – ning
  • learning managements systems


These tools are enablers of collaboration, and therefore enablers of 21st century teaching and learning.