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Assignment Rubrics

Canvas provides a rubric tool that can be used to aid in grading of assignments, assessments, and peer reviews. The rubric tool provides standard criteria and levels of rating within each criterion. It also has additional flexibility in the ability to support various levels of ratings with a given rubric. For example: 


New criteria are easily added:

1. New Criterion.png

2. Criterion added.png

New rating levels are easily added:

1. Add rating level.png

2. New rating level small.png

3. Done small.png


Rubrics are associated to an assignment after the assignment has been created.


The Add Rubric setting allows you to apply an assessment rubric to any assignment.  

  1. After creating the assignment within an assignment group, click on the assignment link (Ex: Essay 1). 
  2. Click on Add Rubric.
  3. Add a Title to the rubric.
  4. Edit the Criterion, Ratings, and Points.
  5. Click on Create Rubric.

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